Vivianna Tanasi

Digital Media Manager and Social Anthropologist

Professional Profile:

  • Lecturer at the SDI for Information Behavior and Social Media (starting in March 2024)
  • Crafting Tomorrow: the Intersection of AI and Creativity (January 2024)

– Talk about the intersection of AI and Creativity, drawing on findings from my qualitative research conducted with visual artists worldwide on the integration of AI image generators into their creative processes.

  • Master’s in Digital Media Management – SDI München (2021-2023)

Thesis: Conjuring up Images: A Qualitative Analysis of Selected Interactions between Artists and the AI Image Generator DALL-E-2.

Grade: 1.0

– This research centered on assessing the significance of human-AI collaboration in creative endeavors, providing insightful discourse on the monumental shift from individual creatives to collaborative approaches involving artificial intelligence.

  • Fellowship AI to Amplify (May 2023 – Nov 2023)
  • Fellow at the AI to Amplify Fellowship from the Goethe Institut München
  • The project invited socially engaged individuals to contribute their perspectives to developing public good-oriented artificial intelligence products and applications in diverse teams. By participating in this Fellowship program, we could expand our skill sets through virtual workshops and meetings and become multipliers in a global community.
  • I was part of one of the 6 winning teams with the project „FundGPT,“ an AI-powered platform that streamlines funding opportunities for local organizations and national non-profits that lack the capacity or resources to have their own fundraising team.