Dr. Fabian Göbel

Partner, The Nunatak Group GmbH
  • Expert in growth strategy, data driven business models & data driven sales & marketing
  • Co-Lead Ai Value Chain Lab; Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V.
  • Broad cross-sector experience: from automotive over manufacturing to media, telco & IT
  • Additional know-how: Gen AI; Marketing Organization, Brand, AdTech & MarTech, Data Strategy
  • Experienced key note speaker >12 years strategy & consulting experience



  • DMEXCO 2022; 2023
  • D3Con 2021
  • Numerous corporate & client events



  • The Nunatak Group, Munich, Partner
  • Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
    Dr. oec. publ.
  • Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich,
    Master of Business Research
  • Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich,
    Diploma in Business Administration
  • Languages: German, English, Italian



  • Strategic realignment of the corporate sales & marketing unit of a conglomerate
    incl. definition of organizational setup and roadmap for implementation
  • Development of a multi-channel distribution model incl. conception of the digital
    customer experience for a global insurance company
  • Development of a direct to consumer strategy for a leading managed fund
  • Programmatic advertising strategy for a global advertiser in the automotive
    segment, including organizational setup, processes and governance
  • Development of a KPI-based marketing & sales approach for a B2B bank
  • Transformation strategy for a leading international airline with the goal of
    digitizing and personalizing the customer experience (including login/data